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Prom Wilderness Lodge eco-resort investment

Prom Wilderness Lodge (PWL) eco-resort investment can now become a reality as the approval has just been granted on the “Special Use” rezoned 100 Hectares (250 acres approx.) adjacent to the entrance to Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia. This is an exciting opportunity to complete the dream of this sustainable eco-resort, brilliantly designed by EME Design who are renowned specialists in sustainability and environmental sensitive design.

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Take a walk into the planned complex, the main building, the Lodge, comprising a restaurant, large deck with fire pit to view the wonderful night sky, and a café plus lounge. All of which provide spaces that work for all seasons and weather conditions.


The business investment case

PWL has so many supportive fundamentals to be a totally compelling eco-resort investment:

  • Only true wilderness on a scale (500 km2) with easy access (2.5hrs) on excellent roads from a major capital city – Melbourne (population 4 million).
  • Unique Australian Fauna in abundance and variety plus birdlife in countless numbers and species (150 varieties sighted).
  • The granite mountains and valleys and pristine secluded beaches deliver rare Flora and arguably the finest scenery in Australia.
  • There are 30+ wonderful walks to appeal to all interest levels from two hours to 1/2 day
    to full day and overnight and a 3 day spectacular coastal walk.
  • The site is perfectly located just before the only entrance to Wilsons Promontory National Park and is correctly zoned and now has the permit for PWL.  The land of 250 acres approx. (100 hectares) gently slopes to Corner Inlet through an indigenous forest to a wading bird sanctuary and coastal marine park.
  • Seriously impressive and practical design for the lodge and the first 40 accommodation units with scope to expand the accommodation in many way, at your timing.  The land can accommodate 80-120+ accommodation units with ease.
  • No competition due to the unavailability of other land for hospitality-tourism in the location.
  • Wilderness tourism sector experiencing rapid growth (in-bound and domestic)
  • State government support for regional tourism development
  • Lower Australian dollar is positive for domestic tourists staying within Australia and makes Australia a relatively cheaper destination for overseas tourists
  • Already Wilsons Promontory National Park is the most popular National Park in Victoria with over 400,000 visitors per annum staying mainly in camping facilities.  There is no “comfort in nature” accommodation of Prom Wilderness Lodge standard.
  • Now moving to obtain 100 accommodation rooms approval and still has capacity for another 50 rooms
  • Other activities: The South Gippsland region is a food lover’s delight famous for prime beef, cool climate wines, cheese etc.  There are 5 world class surfing and swimming beaches, local golf courses, winery visits and scope for photography everywhere.

The opportunity NOW is to take over this project and complete the creation of a rare and special eco-business in a brilliant location with the right supportive fundamentals in place to sustain the business venture.  Wilderness on a delightful scale will draw customers from around the world when the “comfort in nature” accommodation is completed.

Wilsons Prom beach view
Pristine beach Wilsons Promontory
The need 2

The argument for PWL is particularly strong and the difficult rezoning town planning and design approvals have been done.  Over to you now…


We are seeking expression of interest from investors, developers and/or operators

For the unencumbered land (250 acres approx.) zoned special use and the approved appropriate plans for stage 1 including 2 lodge buildings and 40 accommodation units in 4 pods.


Sealers Cove Wilsons Prom Mt Vereker lookout Wilsons Prom

Australian mainland’s most southern point

Just 2.5 hours drive from Melbourne CBD and just before the only entrance to Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Historical Significance

Wilson’s Promontory has historical significance with the Traditional Owners, the European maritime exploration of Australia, then in the early to mid-19th century with whalers, sealers and Chinese immigrants. In early 20th century it became popular with the botanist and naturalists and was created into a National park.

Today with improved access it is a popular park for activities.  The surrounding coast includes Victoria’s largest marine Parks. Corner Inlet at the entrance to the park is an internationally protected migratory wading bird area and a significant fish breeding habitat.

View from Mt Bishop